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Love Thy Women , A Soldier's Heart , Encantadia


If we Write About Three Pinoy Tambayan ( Funny )

In the third episode of Pinoy Teleserye Love Thy Women, the women discuss the most interesting Dramas on TV. This group, comprised of Empress Callista and her mother Princess Clarissa, discuss the fascinating popular shows that they love to watch. The topic of discussion is Encantadia. Encantadia is a wonderfully constructed story, featuring men in their military garb that comes from Spain.

Encantadia is a kind of second field observation, if you will. We all know how soon work, but it is interesting to hear from another perspective. These women talk about the mind-blowing fights that take place within their own household when one man hits the other.

In Love Thy Women, we find that the soldier’s heart is plagued by jealousy over the princess’ affections for another man. He laments, “If she loves him, why does she keep her mouth shut?” They discuss the books Encantadia by Marcela Esparza, which is a great book to read because it delves into this particular cause of jealousy.

One of the women on the show is visiting Uruguay at the same time. She did not want to be a contestant in the show, but thought it would be fun to get to know these people. She learned that this group of women was actually from Spain. She found out that the group has two different castes; one is the loyalist women and the other is the ruling class.

She did some research and realized that they were divided over the issue of gay marriage and she would be watching a drama featuring one of the characters who is a politician from that particular faction. The political decision had to do with the acceptance of gay marriage.

One of the women has a friend who is a soldier. They both like men and they often argue over what the men think about one another. This show is actually great, so we can learn a lot from the women, even if they are discussing the most interesting Dramas on TV.

In a scene within Encantadia, the leader of the group that was not allowed to have a homosexual relationship is heard telling her on the phone that she is going to hurt him and the other women. She then became nervous, thinking that he may have been threatening them. The scene starts with the men discussing what the opposition wants to achieve.

They find out that they were attacked for disagreeing with the status quo and another group was supporting them. This seemed unfair and they got an idea in their head. They were also not told who the opponent was.

It turns out that they were together as a group for many years before this opposition group came out of the woodwork. They were then forced to leave the men behind. When the group is ready to relocate to another city, a big storm hits, causing the group to be stranded.

This is when the group leader says that they must return home or die. They return to their home, which is in exile, to find the husband sitting on the floor, headless.

When the group leader tries to raise the husband, he starts beating her with a stick. They are then joined by the opposition but are freed from their confines by the strong arms of a woman warrior.

This last scene really gives us a good understanding of how Encantadia works and why men do not always see eye to eye with women. This group of women also understand the reasons behind the different castes and politics. Hopefully, they will continue to watch Encantadia in order to understand the intricate politics of their own world.



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